This archives software system puts all types of legal and historical digital assets online for the public while managing everything from accessioning to requests.


E-books and other electronic material are found online with this ILS while managing everything from serials subscriptions to collecting fines.


Collections management software (CMS) for a “virtual” museum as well as managing storage, preservation, insurance, exhibitions, and more.


EDRMS or RIM, this records management software provides information governance as soon as a document is “declared a record”.

Eloquent WebSuite
This “database of things,” physical or digital, gives you only “one place to look” for all your resources. A shared taxonomy facilitates enterprise content management (ECM) while shared routines support digital asset management (DAM).

WebGENCAT Toolkit
All four applications in the WebSuite were built with this high-level development tool. Application analysts quickly learn to customize the applications and to build new components.

WebGENCAT Platform
Using software popular in banking applications, this web-based platform ensures stable performance. New features in the platform become painless updates for all applications. A browser is all you need.


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