Ultimate Data Security

Is your data very precious?

  • Can’t go a minute without it
  • Have “0” tolerance for disaster
  • Need ultimate physical control
The Eloquent Cloud is the answer.

Eloquent has provided hosting services for over 15 years and has never experienced a problem with the security of customer data. However, some do not feel comfortable unless it is actually “in their hands”. We make that possible with an on-site backup copy. This is not just a copy of the backup. It is a fully-operational single-user copy of the software.

A process is set up to automatically copy the data from the Eloquent Cloud to the On-site system periodically - usually weekly. It can then be searched to ensure validity of the backup and to use in case the Cloud is unavailable. It will also have a set of routines to output all the data to a software-independent format, such as XML or (CSV) comma delimited.