Archives Management Software

Promote your community brand by using the rich history found in your archives.

All digital assets available with any browser, while hard copy in storage is easy to find.

A Mobile-Friendly archives collections management system (ACM) for everything from Accessioning to online Public Access.

  • Process backlog of accessions quickly
  • Describe to professional standards for public access
  • Include all types of digital asset (DAM)
  • Monitor progress on public requests
  • Retrieve from storage & track
  • On your server or in the Eloquent Cloud
Run the Eloquent Archives™ on your own server or in the Eloquent Cloud. Either way, all authorized users get 24/7 access from anywhere on the Internet with any mobile device or favorite browser.


Base Component

Everything you need to get started!

The base component of the Eloquent Archives™ application gives you everything you need to describe all types of resources and make them available on the Internet. The multi-level structure required for DACS, ISAD(G), and RAD is easy to create and maintain. Clients use a mobile device or their favorite browser to render all types of digital content – audio, photos, video, flip books, large maps & drawings, e-books, PDFs, websites, and more. Hard copy can be requested from the archivist with database entry or an automatically populated e-mail.

Quickly go public with a few of your most interesting collections and, as time permits, process the backlog. Add current events – they attract the public interest and make archives a dynamic resource. Automatically export selected material to a Historical Timeline. It offers a valuable portal into the most relevant historical material.

Optional Modules

Easy to activate when you are ready!

The Member Module gives researchers the ability to maintain their own demographics, leave comments about items (crowd sourcing), tag images with names of people and places, and other special privileges. The Historical Timeline Module gives you another valuable and attractive public portal. It is automatically published and posted to the Internet with links back into the database.

Plus all standard ACM modules:
Accession/De-accession - Space Management - Tracking & Retrieval - Research Management - Member Module - HTML Publishing - EAD Export - Google Maps Mash-up - Google Analytics
For more about the modules learn more...

User Reviews

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- Eloquent Archives belongs to the Eloquent WebSuite –

Eloquent WebSuite


Global searches; Shared taxonomy

You get the digital asset management (DAM) component with each of the 4 applications in the Eloquent WebSuite. Start with one or more and easily activate the others when you are ready. You can also add modules and increase capacity by simply installing a new license. Start small and pay as you grow.

Only one system to manage. Only one place to look.

- Powered by WebGENCAT –


GEN for “generic”, CAT for “catalog”
Platform for the Mobile-Friendly Eloquent WebSuite

“Database of Things”

Use in the Eloquent Cloud or on any MS Windows server.
- no SQL server or Oracle required –

We ensure a fast start by importing the legacy data you gather from various sources into your Eloquent database, giving you a single portal for all your resources. We use the WebGENCAT Toolkit to custom tailor your application and put it online for your approval – on budget and on time.

The WebGENCAT Platform provides the power to do the following:

  • Organize and catalog to professional time-proven standards
  • Find all the items and precisely the right items anytime with a single search
  • Render all types of digital assets with any popular browser
  • Store, request, find, retrieve, and track physical items
  • Control vocabulary use with common taxonomy – authorized names & subjects
  • Generate printed reports and all forms of electronic output
  • Manage searches and common vocabulary across the applications

Use your favorite browser or a mobile device to find all your resources – documents, books, artifacts, videos, PDF’s, maps, journals, logbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, websites – in the Eloquent Cloud or on your own server.

Whatever your budget, you get the entire WebSuite. Your license key releases the application(s), module(s), and capacity you require.


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We can analyze your needs and demo the right software to streamline your operation. Your costs are predictable. You enjoy a quick start!