Sometimes off-the-shelf is not good enough:

  • Your legacy data does not fit
  • You are bigger/smaller than other organizations
  • Your internal procedures are difficult to change
  • You have special reporting requirements
Eloquent is easy to customized without disruption.

You may use the services of the Eloquent consulting team to make the custom enhancement to your application or you may purchase the WebGENCAT Toolkit and do it yourself. We recommend that you use our services for any changes required in the initial phase. After using the product for a few months you are in a position to plan a second phase which may include custom tailoring.

If your application analysts get trained on the WebGENCAT Toolkit they can easily make modifications to the applications. This may include changing or creating new data entry windows and the various output formats. You can even change the structure of the database by adding additional files and data fields.

If your software is being run from the Eloquent Cloud (SaaS option) the changes are often implemented overnight and available the next morning. If the application is installed on your own server we usually have you validate the changes while they are running on our server and then delivered for installation by your IT people - a procedure that usually takes less than an hour.