Help Desk

Are you stumped?

  • Ready to use a new feature, but canít find it?
  • Forgot how to do something?
  • Unable to access the system?
We can help.

Customers with annual support agreements may call or e-mail Eloquent for quick solutions to their problems. The agreement permits one designated contact and their alternate to make unlimited use of the Eloquent hotline for assistance.

Most issues are addressed immediately by the person answering your call. Customers are encouraged to escalate the contact if the help is required urgently, or in the unlikely event that a response has not been received within 4 hours.

Hotline Support:

Phone (604) 980-8358 or 1-800-663-8172

For Best Results:
Please avoid using the support person's direct phone number or email address for leaving a message. If they are away from the office for a few days, you won't get an answer.

Use the addresses above. They are monitored by a number of people to ensure a quick reply. Within the body of the email you may still address the individual you have been working with to ensure continuity. But if he/she is not available someone else will respond.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - June 2017
We engaged a 3rd party to conduct a phone survey of our customers, calling all the numbers as many as 4 times. Over a 2-week period in June they make contact with 40 of them. They summarized the results of the main questions in the attached document. We responded with a few facts that were provoked by the comments. You are welcome to read the PDF.

The Best Service in the Business
Here are several reasons why Eloquent Systems is able to provide the best service in the business:

  • Hotline calls are answered by software engineers who spend most of their time on customer projects and software enhancements, so are usually free to answer the phone as soon as the call comes in. Your problem is usually solved on the first call. Customers are seldom put on hold.
  • The hotline support people get an in-depth knowledge of customer requirements by doing installation projects, and keep up-to-speed with technology by doing software development.
  • They get practical first-hand experience by supporting customers in the Eloquent Cloud, where 24/7 availability is expected.
  • Hotline calls are seldom bug-related because all new releases of software are performance-proven under close supervision in the cloud environment prior to being released for on-premises installation.
  • Hotline calls are seldom environment-related because the software runs on any version of the MS Windows operating system and is very compatible with other software on the same server/virtual server.