Data Migration

This is a good time to clean up legacy data:

  • All related data elements are linked for easy navigation
  • Inconsistent terminology is easy to find and “clean-up”
  • Irrelevant data (garbage) is identified and left behind
You get a clean start on a modern system.

With many years of experience the Eloquent Team has perfected tools and procedures for data migration projects. Most projects follow these steps:

  • Analyse a copy of data to be migrated
  • Prepare a spreadsheet for your approval that maps all legacy data elements to the new software
  • Import the data and make it available on our server for your secure review and approval
  • Make changes to the import mapping if required
  • If the data has become outdated during the above steps, quickly repeat the import step with current data

The WebGENCAT Toolkit and proven procedures enable us to do the entire operation remotely, avoiding costly on-site visits. In addition to a detailed Data Map in an Excel spreadsheet, you will get a database schematic similar to this sample schematic to help you visualize the data relationships in your database.