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This map shows the wide variety of organizations using Eloquent software. They were all easily implemented without on-site visits and are easily supported across the many time zones.

(Note: Any Eloquent database can integrate with Google Map for items having a geographic significance.)

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Public Databases

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Sample Databases

This is a sampling of databases made available to the general public. Feel free to explore them. Use your smart phone for some of them.

Staff users get much more powerful search options than the public. Their results can be more precise. They search on any specific data field and can apply Boolean logic.

American College of Surgeons

  • Great Featured Categories
  • Many videos – digitized film from 1929
  • Oral History - audio
  • Online access

Independence Seaport Museum

  • Great pictures and maps in archives database
  • Built with student help
  • Follows professional standards
  • Online access

VanDusen Botanical Garden

  • Eloquent Library application
  • Imported MARC records
  • Catalog includes websites
  • Links to Google Books
  • Great "Featured Categories"
  • Online access

The Branson School

Henry Ford Health System

  • Legacy data migrated from older software
  • Images added since moving to Eloquent
  • Good use of hierarchy
  • Integrated with library website
  • Online access

The Rooms Provincial Archives

  • Many interesting images
  • Navigation up and down the hierarchical structure used in professional standards for describing archives
  • Integrating Archives and Library databases, providing cross-application searches
  • Online access

California State Archives

  • An easy browse of subjects in the database and access to all related items
  • A quick overview of the top level (Collections/Record Group) and easy navigation down the hierarchy to everything in that group
  • Cross search of Accessions and Description tables to find accessions that have not yet been processed as well as descriptive records
  • Online access

California State Records

  • Easy access to retention schedules for all the agencies under state authority
  • PDF display with browser
  • Search by single word or code for agency schedule
  • Online access

Selwyn House School

  • Links to yearbooks and newspapers hosted in another cloud space
  • Ability to crowd source: tagging of photographs and commenting on archival items
  • Gallery displays of photos from historical drama events
  • Online access

Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • The first college of chiropractic was founded in 1897 as the Palmer Chiropractic School & Cure by D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic. You will enjoy learning about the founders of the school. Most schools existing today were founded by the graduates of Palmer. Loading of the holdings has just begun, so return frequently to find more.
  • Online access

The City of Regina

  • This collection includes over 6,000,000 documents of legal, historical, administrative or financial value – documents that tell the story of Regina and its citizens. They are cataloged/described in various levels of detail. Migrated from HP Trim in 2013.
  • Online access

Historical Timeline for Regina’s Stadium

  • This timeline provides an overview of a small but interesting portion of the Regina Archives. The Eloquent Archives software was used to publish the timeline and post it on the Internet where it is available to Google and other search engine. It is easy to re-publish with more current material from time to time. Some of the events on the timeline have links to take you back into the live database for additional archival material.
  • Online access

Southwestern College

  • The featured collection has a large number of campus newspapers, the Collegian, beginning with Volume 1, Number 1 printed in October, 1894. The format of each Collegian is a flipbook that can be viewed, magnified, shared, downloaded, and printed. A small staff at the college has worked part time since early 2016 to populate this database. Come back in a few months for more content.
  • Online access

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • This database has photographs depicting much of the history of aviation from a university that leads the world in aviation and aerospace higher education. Simply click on any of the featured collections for a gallery of historical photographs. Use your desktop or any mobile device. The university goes back to the barn-storming days of a pilot that co-founded the university.
  • Online access

City of Toronto Archives

  • This is a very large database with a lot of images. It uses the older non-mobile public search. You can register for Member Services and then take advantage of the shopping cart to purchase images you find in the database. Because of some custom tailoring to interface with their billing system it will take a while to upgrade to the mobile version.
  • Online access

Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

  • This is a popular medical archives. It still uses the older non-mobile public search. Many of their users are very experienced researchers that take advantage of the Precision Search option. It permits pre-selection of authority terms and complex Boolean logic. Their results are very precise – no wading through non-relevant material.
  • Online access

Japanese American Services Committee – Published Collections

  • This is not the usual public access. It is a link to HTML pages published with Eloquent Archives and hosted on the Internet where they can be indexed by Google and other search engines. They take you back into the live database for additional related material and where you can search for anything in the database. The public can also be given a direct link to the database.
  • Online access

Come Back Soon!

We hope you enjoyed exploring various databases. Come back to this site again soon. Everybody is adding new content and there will be a few additional databases added every month.